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Let SPEAK UP AUSTRALIA help find your voice!

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We Coach

Executives to brand themselves as key professionals of influence

Do you want to be more than just the person at the top of your organisation? An Executive of Influence is someone the rest in your field look up to, for comment, for opinion and for counsel. We can coach you to fill this unique position with a difference.

Managers to communicate effectively, to create efficiency

Employees often find themselves in the position of "Reluctant Managers", a position in which they must offer leadership, instruction and administration. We specialise in the communication of managers, so that you can become the most efficient manager possible.

Speakers to be confident, dynamic and entertaining

We are dedicated to helping YOU find YOUR authentic voice. Australians have a natural and genuine way of speaking, with warm gestures, dry humour and rich voices and our courses, seminars and individual coaching sessions will help you find the style unique to just YOU.

Presenters to deliver informative, interesting, entertaining presentations

We will coach you to find the confidence to present your research, the structure to deliver presentations with impact and the skills to identify and plan captivating openings, engaging report with the audience, relevant anchors and examples to aid comprehension and the ability to lead the audience to participate and gain value from your delivery.

Graduates to find their voice in their careers

As students we will help you to achieve higher grades in your personal and group presentations, by inspiring you to be creative, dynamic and deliver presentations with relevance and value to the audience so they participate and enjoy your presentation.

As graduates, we will coach you to plan your future, to learn how to speak your way to the top of your field and how to become employees of influence that are indispensable to your position.

Children to believe they have a voice, before they learn to fear speaking

The younger the better! Speaking coaching can teach your Children to be confident when they speak without being loud and egocentric. With training they will come to realise that everyone has a right to speak with relevance, appropriateness and manners, and once comfortable with their own voice they will know when to speak and when not to.